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Chris Everest chriseverest at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 18:07:03 UTC 2007

On 1/12/07, wretch <the.wretch at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>
> >> I have the same problem too. Menu fade in and then disappear. I can
> >> navigate
> >> and going to another menu, it fades in and then disappear.
> >> But if i use Iulius theme i can move around in the menus and the fade
> and
> >> stay there after the fade. On the other hand, if i enter some other
> >> screen,
> >> like watch recordings, when i go back the menu is gone. I have to move
> >> inside the menu to get it back.
> > Yep, that's the ticket.  I rebuilt my  entire system this weekend to
> upgrade
> > to FC6... still have the same problem.  I also upgraded my video card to
> a
> > GeForce 7100 GS with the livna rpms (rather than atrpms) and I am still
> > getting the disappearing menus.  Keep working everyone and let's try to
> > figure this out.
> What theme are you using ???
> I had the same problem when I was using the "Project Grayham" theme.
> After swithing to "blue" theme it all worked fine.
I had the problem on Retro and on GANT.  Again, I am using a fresh install
of FC6 with all updates applied. (AMD64 3500+ DualCH DDR400) I tried a few
different things and got both themes to operate properly with a few
changes.  It didn't seem like any one of these fixed it alone, but the
combination helped.  I get some fragmenting on the frontend when I 'zip'
through the menus quickly, but it refreshes with a press of the remote.  Not
nearly as bad as the previous effect.

1.) I updated my nvidia-settings with the latest control panel (9746).  I
had been using setting from as early as the 7xxx series without ever
changing my setttings.

2.) I switched to Livna Nvidia drivers because I was getting X errors with
the Atrpms drivers.

3.) I disabled all sync to V options within the nvidia settings and

4.) I enabled suid as root on mythfrontend to hopefully enhance performance.

5.) And finally, I test glxgears to make sure that my Nvidia libs were
handling OpenGL.

Chris Everest
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