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Joel Means jmeans at physics.tamu.edu
Fri Jan 12 16:02:40 UTC 2007

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Rich West wrote:
> I was asked by a neighbor to help finalize a setup for his son's 
> computer before he went back to college.  When I got over there, one of 
> the things on his list of "I can't get this to work" was the video 
> capture card.  Apparently, he wanted to set up the machine as a dual 
> purpose school computer/television and the card he bought wasn't 
> functioning.
> Being Windows (ugh), I checked and quickly got the card functioning 
> properly, but, as I was doing that, I looked at the card 
> specifications.  Apparently, the card records in either MPEG-2 or 
> MPEG-4, all via hardware.
> I thought the reception was horrible, but apparently my neighbor is 
> having problems with their cable, so all of their TV's have horrible 
> analog cable reception.  Anyhow, this card was a "Powercolor Real Angel 
> 330" that his son picked up for ~$40.
> It *seems* like it would be a great alternative to the Hauppauge card 
> which, as we all know, does hardware MPEG-2 encoding.  Does anyone have 
> any experience with this card?  If so, any news as to the quality of the 
> card and the compatibility of it with MythTV?
> -Rich
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The powercolor website
(http://www.powercolor.com/product_realangel330_pci.html) is confusing.
 On the flyer touting its virtues, it claims you can "Record your TV
shows to disk by using built-in MPEG-1/2/4 encoder".  But in the specs
it says "Core: Software MPEG2 Encoding".  So, is the "built-in" encoder
built-into the software, I guess?  I would also be interested in hearing
if anyone has experience with one.
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