[mythtv-users] Capture cards

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Fri Jan 12 15:54:44 UTC 2007

I was asked by a neighbor to help finalize a setup for his son's 
computer before he went back to college.  When I got over there, one of 
the things on his list of "I can't get this to work" was the video 
capture card.  Apparently, he wanted to set up the machine as a dual 
purpose school computer/television and the card he bought wasn't 

Being Windows (ugh), I checked and quickly got the card functioning 
properly, but, as I was doing that, I looked at the card 
specifications.  Apparently, the card records in either MPEG-2 or 
MPEG-4, all via hardware.

I thought the reception was horrible, but apparently my neighbor is 
having problems with their cable, so all of their TV's have horrible 
analog cable reception.  Anyhow, this card was a "Powercolor Real Angel 
330" that his son picked up for ~$40.

It *seems* like it would be a great alternative to the Hauppauge card 
which, as we all know, does hardware MPEG-2 encoding.  Does anyone have 
any experience with this card?  If so, any news as to the quality of the 
card and the compatibility of it with MythTV?


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