[mythtv-users] Questions about Setup Configuration with multiply tuner cards and HD Channel Scanning

Jeffrey Born jeff.born at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 15:10:16 UTC 2007

   I am in the midst of setting up the mythtv box.  During setup I have am
seeing stuff that doesn't seem right.

I have both a HD3000 card and a PVR500 on a combination front end/back end

I have Charter digital Cable with HD

Do I setup 3 capture cards or 2?

How do I know what the video device for the pcHDTV card should be.  It list
/dev/video0 but I'm pretty certain that is associated with the PVR500 card.

For the PVR500 card I believe it should be /dev/video0, but probed info says
it is pcHDTV HD3000.

For the PVR500 card should I use only the standard cable for the zap2it
information? Basically channels 2-99?

For the HD3000 Card choose digital Cable and choose only the HD channels?

What about the digital channels.. anyway to get those to mythtv?  What about
movie channels 200-400?

Scan for channels for the PVR500 works great.  add 2-99 and 116.

Scan for channels for the HD3000 Card fails for just about every
combination.. What should I be using?
I've been trying:
Scan Type: Full Scan
Frequency Table: Cable High, Cable HRC High, Cable IRC High, and Cable
ATSC Modulation: Cable (QAM-256)
Channel Separator: (5_1) Underscore
Existing Channel Treatment: Minimal Updates

Thanks for the info
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