[mythtv-users] Daddy, what's a commercial - [OT offering]

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Jan 11 22:35:19 UTC 2007

On Jan 11, 2007, at 3:23 PM, Andy Scott wrote:

> In message <mailman.38427.1168548165.25534.mythtv-users at mythtv.org>,
> Brian Wood writes:
>> You can certainly turn off commercial skipping, but whenever I see  
>> that
>> little window that says "skipped 3:00" I realize that I have just  
>> been
>> given back some of my life that the advertisers wanted to take away
>> from me.
> Now I am 100% with Brian on this, but it leads me to wonder what the
> business proposition will be for TV companies.  TV ad revenues must be
> shrinking (due to proliferation of channels diluting their reach, as
> well as the dedicated bunch of MythTV users) - so I'd guess that the
> costs may be recovered by ever higher subscription costs.  And  
> we're to
> blame for it (yes, I'm sorta joking).
> ...Except for the Superbowl viewers on the list who just view the
> commercials - I guess that would give back something over 2.5 hours of
> your life??

As long as Myth remains a "hobbyist" application I don't think the  
advertisers will perceive us as much of a threat as far as commercial  

If it were to go commercial in a big way that would be a different  
story, look what happened with ReplayTV.

That's one of the reasons I get nervous when outfits try and sell  
commercial Myth systems. I'm afraid the advertising community would  
put pressure on Tribune to stop making things easier for us. 

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