[mythtv-users] Daddy, what's a commercial

Mike stuff at dustsmoke.com
Thu Jan 11 20:14:51 UTC 2007

Michael Lynch wrote:
> I can see my new one on the way asking this in a few years.  Right now
> my 4 year old loves to watch stuff (via Myth) and always gets me
> whenever I forget to cut out the commercials.  She can't stand for a
> commercial to interrupt her Scooby-Doo.
> Just wanted to say thanks to the devs and Isaac for a great product!
I built a backend and a few frontends for my brothers house. I think it 
took his 5 year old son about 2 mins to figure out that this thing lets 
him go forward and backward and pause his shows. All of a sudden all 
other tv was... well.... just plain annoying. After that the next time 
it was on digital cable it took him another couple of mins to figure out 
how to get the tv to dvi input and how to boot the frontend and navagate 
the remote. Just before I left from my visit that week I walked over and 
realized he already knew how to make playlists and his little sister and 
him were on a sponge bob and jojo circus marathon. (I guess he reads 
better than I thought...) I hear they complain and whine quite a bit 
when its not working these days.

Now if his wife could figure out how to use it or what it does 
everything would be golden..... I can't figure out why she can't figure 
it out, she can use on-demand just fine.....


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