[mythtv-users] Suggestion - Use Captioning Text To Detect Duplicate Programmes To Help Remove Conflicts?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 18:46:58 UTC 2007

I do not know if this would be feasible or not and mainly posting it
as an idea to see what people think and see if there is any support
especially from someone who may have the know how and the time to
implement it :)

I am using DVB-T tuners and I have quite good guide data but there are
still many programmes which are repeated several times a week (or even
repeats many times in a year on different channels with multiple
series running at once) that are recorded but they are duplicates and
should not have been recorded in the first place.  This is not
MythTV's fault but the guide data's or the channels not providing the
episode information about their programmes.  Or simply the programme
is not episonic but repeated several times.

My idea is when a programme is recorded the first Z minutes (where Z
is configurable) of captioning text that helps the hard of hearing is
saved to the database.

When a programme of the same name is recorded after Z minutes MythTV
would then compare the Z minutes of saved captioning with the database
of previous captioning for the same programme.  If a suitable
configurable percentage match (this will help take into account the
start times may be different, advertisments) the programme is
cancelled and a backend resheduling would be started.

This will hopefully then allow other programmes to record that
wouldn't and decrease the number conflicts.

Say you have 1 tuner and ER 21:00 60m has been scheduled but Friends
21:30 30m has been rejected due to the conflict with ER.  After Z
(e.g. 5) minutes of recording ER the captioning text has been used to
detect it has been previously recorded so the ER recording is deleted
and a rescheduling is carried out.  Friends can now be recorded.  As
Friends has now been scheduled this frees a spot later in the week
where the repeat of Friends would have been recorded for another
programme to be recorded instead therefore avoiding a conflict.


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