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>ok, I will try and do an installation walk thru. This is all coming from 
>memory, so hopefully I wont >forget anything. Im using plain YDL 5.0 and I 
>installed plain 0.20 from mythtv.org (the website >source tarballs).
>Installing YDL:
>Terrasoft has made the process extremely painless. Go here:
>Download the 5.0 pdf. You need to download 2 image files, throw them on 
>some removable media. >You also need the YDL 5.0 image, which is located 
>http://ydl.osuosl.org (save this mirror for use with yum)
>The above PDF should walk you thru the entire setup.
>Post YDL installation setup:
>-fix yum. The above image has yum disabled. Edit the 
>/etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo files. Uncomment >out the baseurl line. I went 
>ahead and put in the above mirror as my yum repo.
>-once you have yum up and running, install the following packages. I just 
>went ahead and installed a >bunch of them:
>qt-devel qt-MySQL libXv-devel libXvMC-devel libXxf86vm-devel libXmu-devel
>-the above qt package doesnt have the qt source, which is needed to compile 
>myth. I think the qt >installed above is qt-x11-free-3.3.6. What I did was 
>install qt 3.3.6 source on my ps3. I configured it >and compiled it, then i 
>made sym links from the yum installed package back to the soruce. 
> >Specifically, i linked the src and the tools directory. An alternate 
>method would be to just make and >install qt from source, rather than do a 
>hybrid yum/source setup as I did.
>-setup your video output. Use this as a reference:
>Basically, go into your kboot and make sure the correct video mode is 
>selected. Seems like this is >the only way to configure your video, 
>anything set in xorg.conf gets ignored. Also, its not >mentioned on the 
>page, but by adding 128 to the id, it does the video in full mode, which is 
>nice if >you dont like having the black border bars. For example, I run 
>720p, which is mode 3, but I run it in >full mode, so i use mode 131. There 
>is a bit of overscan, but this can be corrected in the frontend >by 
>positioning it inside your tv.
>-make the following changes to your xorg.conf:
>Load glx in the module section
>Comment out DRI and DPMS lines
>I added a DisplaySize to my monitor section 
>(http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Display_Size). >Unfortunately, this 
>doesnt seem to address the aspect issues I get during playback
>-this is optional, but I went ahead and compiled x11vnc and setup my ssh 
>dsa keys and trusted >hosts. This allows me to scp and ssh freely between 
>my boxes and to interact with the ps3 over >vnc.
>Compiling myth:
>-Go ahead and do steps 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, and 5.4. Thats it, your done!
>-To configure, I ran the following:
>./configure --enable-proc-opt
>-I went ahead and used plain 0.20 because thats what im running as my 
>backend. I compiled and >tested the .20fixes off the svn and that worked as 
>mythfrontend setup:
>To get audio to work, change the audio device from /dev/dsp to ALSA:default 
>and change the >mixer to default.
>I think thats it, im pretty sure I missed a step, so just let me know if 
>you get stuck. As I stated >above, right now im running into performance 
>issues. Video playback is the main one, but some >themes can also bog you 
>down. Maybe someone can recommend some good video tweaks to >address this. 
>YDL uses a plain frame buffer to output video, no GPU. This means 
>everything is done >on the cell cpu. I think its very possible to have the 
>cell push out video, this is what it was made >for. It runs at 3.2ghz and 
>has 6 available cores on YDL. Someone just needs to figure out how to >do 
>it :) Either that or get some basic video support from the nvidia gpu.

I also wonder if it wouldn't be better to run Myth with DirectFB and 
QT-embedded per the wiki.  Since frame buffer is all you have and memory is 
very limited, why not save the memory that X chews up?

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