[mythtv-users] Upcoming Channel Change by Rogers Cable

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Thu Jan 11 15:48:03 UTC 2007

Thom Paine wrote:
>> Haven't been following this thread since I'm not a Roger's customer but
>> this last message just caught my eye...
>> Why don't you Roger's customers all complain to the CRTC?  Get a
>> movement going of people complaining.  As long as you are a squeaky
>> wheel and pestering the CRTC, maybe they will do something.
> At the bottom of the announcement letter was a paragraph from rogers
> informing us that they don't have to inform the CRTC about channel
> lineups. Oh wait, that was on the website.

I'm pretty sure that was in my letter as well.

> I have no clue as to why I'm still a rogers customer. They hose me
> with the fees for my cell phone. They throttle and traffic shape my
> cable internet connection so I can't download torrents, even though
> their ad campain states to download as much as you want, and now they
> are taking away my primary channel.

Cable is the only thing I get from Rogers. For internet I use a company 
called IGS (a subsidiary of CIA/Cybersurf), they are a DSL company. The 
main reason I use them is because when I called them to ask 'what are 
your terms of service?' they said 'we don't have one'. I've never been 
throttled, and I run my own mail and web server.

As for the IR blaster, I am going to try using the VCR Commander I 
bought years ago from Rogers. I'll have to convert it to serial, which 
shouldn't be a problem, but figuring out the type might be troublesome.


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