[mythtv-users] Trouble moving backend database to new hardware

ryan patterson ryan.goat at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 13:58:56 UTC 2007

I am trying to upgrade my mythtv setup.  I am moving from a debian install
to a ubuntu install.

I tried following these
which explain how to back up the database and move it to a fresh
myth-backend install.  I performed the database backup no problem.  I
verified that every grep command produced output in the
restore.sqlfile.  My new backend is up and running.

Now I am trying to restore the database backup using the following command:
$ mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg < restore.sql

But I get the following error message:
ERROR 1054 (42S22) at line 1: Unknown column 'storage group' in 'field list'

(there might not have been a space in 'storagegroup'.  I'm not at home so I
can't check.)

Does anybody know how I can fix this error?  Must be the mythtv version I
had on debian is different from the one I have on ubuntu?  I really don't
want to lose the list of previously recorded programs.  I could care less
about the recording profiles and current recordings though.

Ryan Patterson
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