[mythtv-users] More DirecTV/MythTV clarification

notimeinco notimeinco at comcast.net
Wed Jan 10 18:11:56 UTC 2007

I apologize for not responding in the thread - I was in digest mode (now
out) so I'll just start a new one.

My limited understanding of 169time is that the AVX1 is a bootable OS
provided on CD.  You can purchase their box (PC) or provide your own.  You
connect your firewire-enhanced STB to it and the AVX1 emulates a D-VHS
recorder.  From there, you can tap the HD content with MythTV, etc.  R5000HD
is rumored to be more robust and seems to also use a D-VHS emulation (under
WinXP). I also found some discussion of D-VHS/1394 emulation under Linux but
it was not recent.  The idea was to eliminate the WinXP box and go directly
to MythTV. 

My question about cabling out of a DirecTV STB was specific to HD.  If I
assume that HD is only available on an HDMI port, what is the obstacle to
capture of that content?  Is it encryption?  If HD is available on component
and/or s-video, is there degradation and how much?

Sorry if I'm being dense and these are really basic questions.

Thinking it through, a more basic question is "Besides OTA, which currently
has fewer hoops to jump through for recording HD content, cable-HD or

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