[mythtv-users] Error, socket went unconnected and TFW Write() errors

John galentin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 09:13:18 UTC 2007

 So this isn't a huge deal because everything appears to be
functioning properly. ie: schedules get updated, shows get recorded,
commercials get flagged, live tv works, all the plugins work..
However, I'm a big fan of weeding out errors whenever I see them to
avoid future catastrophe.

 I recently upgraded to myth 0.20 with mythplugins 0.20a. Everything
went smoother than expected and that was working with no problems and
no errors since november 06. Yesterday I decided to do a kernel
upgrade to 2.6.19 (not which also meant upgrading ivtv to
0.9.0. That went rather smooth, save the fact that I left out I2C
support on the first compile attempt, but it was a quick fix.
 So I removed all the old channels, removed the old tuner cars
(apparently ivtv re-numbered them). re-configured them all, ran
mythfilldatabase and it populated everything, both tuners work for
live tv and record shows on time with no apparent problems, commercial
flagging still gets done, etc.... Oh, also of note this is a
standalone server/frontend setup.

My concern is that in the mythbackend log I see the following (but
only when mythfilldatabase is run, on only at what appears to be
random runs):
Reschedule requested for id -1.
MythSocket (81edc0:-1): writeStringList: Error, socket went unconnected.
Received a remote 'Clear Cache' request

I have also noticed the following error from mythfilldatabase, once
again appears to be completely random:
TFW_ Error: Write() -- IOBOUND begin cnt(2048) free(2047)

Sometimes there are no errors, sometimes theres only one of the two,
and sometimes theres both. Like I said though, it appears to be
non-fatal, and doesn't seem to leave me with any problems, but Im
curious if anyone else has had this come up. I'm thinking it's
probably something I either left our or shouldn't have left in my
kernel. I'm running Linux From Scratch, so there it's all custom, but
these errors are really new to me. There's still 80 gig free on the
drive mythtv uses... am I leavng out any info that might help track
this down? or should I just forget about it since everything is
currently working?


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