[mythtv-users] MythTV + HD

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Wed Jan 10 02:55:13 UTC 2007

Two questions, really.  I've moved my test MythTV system from SVIDEO 
over to COMPONENT input on my 56" Panasonic Projection TV and, well, it 
looks like I have entered the realm of another large hurdle.

First off, if the config I have for my nVidia card is kept the same, the 
display comes up in 4:3 mode.  So.. if I go back and change the setting 
to 480p, it does come up full screen (hooray) but way too large (boo).  
Watching SD recordings, as one would guess, is ok.. but the horizontal 
lines (aka: the missing 240 lines from the SD frames) is a pain.. I 
wouldn't mind it if there was a way to have it change to 480i when 
displaying recordings or watching tv.. or something..

 If I go back and set it to 720p, the display shows up as if I am 
displaying a 20" display in the middle of this 56" screen (black all of 
the way around, image is *small*).

Setting to 1080i displays as if it is in 4:3 mode.

I've read a couple of postings and the one over at wilsonet.com.  It 
seems like there is a fair bit of voodoo on this.. Any pointers would be 
much appreciated!


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