[mythtv-users] Upcoming Channel Change by Rogers Cable

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Wed Jan 10 01:19:14 UTC 2007

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> I have received a notice from Rogers Cable that it is dropping some 
> channels which I receive, and replacing the feed on that channel number 
> with a different channel feed.
> As an example, CNN Headline News, which I get as channel 37 will be 
> dropped, and will be replaced by BBC World News. The actual channel 
> frequency and all tuning parameters will remain the same, but the 
> xmltvid for the feed will be changed.
> This will mess up my Mythtv setup. I have looked through the 
> documentation and the wiki and found no particular information about how 
> this should be handled.
> I think I need to do something like the following:
> After the changeover by  Rogers:
> (1)	modify my listing at zap2it to delete the old channels and add the 
> new channels;
> (2)	delete from channel where chanid = 1037;
> (3)	delete from program where chanid = 1015; #clear old program data
> (4)	If and only if zap2it labs has recognized the changeover and shows 
> the new channel against the old frequency:
> 	mythfilldatabase --do-channel-updates	#which should work...
> Have I missed anything? Any comments by anyone?
> Should (2) instead be:
> update channel set (callsign,name.xmltvid) values ("BBCW","BBC World 
> News",'123456');
> This change will affect a large number of Rogers customers and will also 
>   affect the half dozen of us, (at least) who use Mythtv in the Greater 
> Toronto Area.
> I would like to prepare a script which will take care of the database 
> changes, so that it becomes as easy as running the script, updating the 
> DataDirect listing, and running mythfilldatabase.
My problem with that is even bigger, since they are moving my favorite 
channel (Speed) into the digital only tier, so I had to get an STB. Now 
I have to convert one of my PVR cards to S-Video input, and get an IR 
blaster working. Plus it's costing me $10 more a month, just to get one 


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