[mythtv-users] Upcoming Channel Change by Rogers Cable

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Jan 9 22:20:41 UTC 2007

I have received a notice from Rogers Cable that it is dropping some 
channels which I receive, and replacing the feed on that channel number 
with a different channel feed.

As an example, CNN Headline News, which I get as channel 37 will be 
dropped, and will be replaced by BBC World News. The actual channel 
frequency and all tuning parameters will remain the same, but the 
xmltvid for the feed will be changed.

This will mess up my Mythtv setup. I have looked through the 
documentation and the wiki and found no particular information about how 
this should be handled.

I think I need to do something like the following:

After the changeover by  Rogers:
(1)	modify my listing at zap2it to delete the old channels and add the 
new channels;

(2)	delete from channel where chanid = 1037;

(3)	delete from program where chanid = 1015; #clear old program data

(4)	If and only if zap2it labs has recognized the changeover and shows 
the new channel against the old frequency:
	mythfilldatabase --do-channel-updates	#which should work...

Have I missed anything? Any comments by anyone?
Should (2) instead be:

update channel set (callsign,name.xmltvid) values ("BBCW","BBC World 

This change will affect a large number of Rogers customers and will also 
  affect the half dozen of us, (at least) who use Mythtv in the Greater 
Toronto Area.

I would like to prepare a script which will take care of the database 
changes, so that it becomes as easy as running the script, updating the 
DataDirect listing, and running mythfilldatabase.


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