[mythtv-users] Apple iTV - MythTV Frontend?

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Tue Jan 9 20:05:35 UTC 2007

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Peter A. Daly wrote:
>> I know it's way to early for anyone here to have any concrete 
>> knowledge...but it's maybe time to start thinking about it.
>> $299 for HDTV playback device includes 40GB hard disk....nice price, 
>> even better features.
>> So we need:
>> 1.  To get that sucker running Linux (although maybe it's got an OSX 
>> based OS that will do)
>> 2.  mythfrontend running on it
>> 3.  IR support
>> Should be interesting.  If I had more disposable income, I'd pre-order 
>> one now to mess around with.
>> Anyone have experience with this kind of thing that can comment on how 
>> possible it may be?
> Let me know when you can play your iTunes DRM protected content with 
> Linux or stream it an AirPort express and I'll tell you when you can 
> expect to be able to do the same with the AppleTV
> Kevin

Well, it does have an Intel processor, USB and ethernet ports, and I 
presume there must be some kind of update mechanism, so I would expect 
some hacks to appear at some point. When they do, I'll be buying one... :)


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