[mythtv-users] Mythtv and streaming media universally

Jerry Bett bjett80 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 13:49:09 UTC 2007

Has anyone else checked out the built-in universal plug and play
service (upnp) available in Mythbackend ?

As I understand it, upnp is a collection of services that displays
your media , streams that media, and most importantly, it could also
detect the capability of the client and transcode the media as
appropriate to the client.

This has the potential to be the killer app in mythtv .... imagine
streaming your video shows to your palm, mobile phone,xbox, mediamvp,
etc with point and click ease !

It's not ready yet, but I'm looking forward to continuing development.
 Here's what I've found playing with it in the last week.

mythtv 0.20 release - Shows up on the network but not much luck
streaming anything. Any
attempt to access causes mythbackend to go to 100% cpu and stay.

mythtv 0.20 svn (as of 1/7/07) -  Can stream music ... no more 100%
cpu problem.  No luck yet streaming video and the upnp server keeps
disappearing from my network (using Nero Showtime).

Here's the clients I've tried .

Powerdvd 7 - doesn't show the server at all  (I'm disappointed about
this Cyberlink !)

Nero Showtime Ultra 6 - shows the server and list all the media. Music
works, no luck yet on recordings and haven't tried mythvideo.

MediaMvp - shows server, streams music and recordings (but I didn't
get the audio ....my recordings are firewire with a52 audio ....upnp
needs to transcode the audio to mp3).

Nokia 770 - using Canola (AWSOME APP!) . Streams music, no luck on video yet.

The Nokia is my preferred client.  I can transcode and stream on the
fly my mythtv recordings to the Nokia using VLC, but it's a pain to

Kudos to the developers for adding upnp .  I've setup a test box just
for playing with the upnp for each release .... fun stuff !


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