[mythtv-users] Where to start?

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.com
Tue Jan 9 12:28:56 UTC 2007

>>> 120Mhz ??? Do you perhaps mean 1200 or is that machine *really* old?
>>> Since you say it has DIMMs I'm assuming you mean 1200Mhz.
>> Sorry, yes, it's a 1200MHz!
> That's what I figured. My first PC ran at 4.7 Mhz. (not a typo), but  
> "athlon" and "DIMMS" indicated you were probably running at 1200.
>>> The PVR cards will not help you with the reception any digital TV in
>>> the UK. You could perhaps use the MPEG decoder output of a PVR-350
>>> but that would be a waste of money as the nVidia cards are much
>>> cheaper, and the 350s output is no longer being actively developed
>>> and won't do the OpenGL stuff or HD. The tuners would be useless but
>>> the encoders could be used with composite SD material if you had some
>>> sort of STB that output that sort of signal.
>> Right, thanks for that. I'm left wondering what to buy again though.
>>>> Also, the output.
>>>> Can my ATI All in Wonder Pro do the output? What kind of output do I
>>>> need? Is it different if I use a projector? Different if I'd like
>>>> higher
>>>> res graphics when emailing etc using the projector?
>>> The nVidia 5200s are pretty much the baseline for Myth systems. You
>>> don't mention if you have an AGP slot - if you don't you'll have to
>>> try and get a PCI card, but if you *really* have a 120Mhz. system you
>>> may need an ISA or VESA video card.
>> Right, I'll look into the nVidia 5200, thanks. And yes, I believe  
>> the motherboard has an AGP2 slot.
>>> Some folks are using ATI cards but they seem to have a lot of trouble
>>> with them. I don't think you can use XvMC with them, which you may
>>> well need on a slow machine.
>> Right, I'll ditch the ATI card then. Does the nVidia5200 have the  
>> XvMC you mentioned? I'll have a look.
> Yes, any nVidia-based card since the MX4 (I think) does XvMC under  
> Linux. The 5200s are "baseline" because they are cheap,easily  
> available and can be had fan-less. I've seen them as low as $30US but  
> I know prices in the UK are ridiculous.
> As I said, ATI cards *can* be used, but with that CPU you will need  
> XvMC for any HD programming and maybe even for SD if you want to de- 
> interlace and/or commflag at the same time. I'm not sure what  
> resolutions are presently being used in the UK.
I think 720x576 is that standard for PAL
>> There's a 250GB disk in there at the moment. I'll maybe add more  
>> when I see how it's getting used.
> That's certainly enough to start with, it would give you enough room  
> for the OS and Myth plus about 100 hours of DVD-quality MPEG2.
>> Can anyone offer advice on TV tuners for Freeview in the UK?  
>> Someone posted on another tread that I'd need a satellite dish. Is  
>> that right? I thought it came though a normal aerial.
> That you will have to find out from some of your EU brethren.
Thanks for your help Brian!

Who can offer advice on cards for freeview in the UK and output to 
projectors (maybe with hi res option while using ubuntu).

If there are cards that are easy to set up and cards that take some 
hacking, I'd definitely go for ease. I knew my way around DOS and am 
very comfortable in Window, but Linux is a new monster.

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