[mythtv-users] Myth and Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250

MacNean Tyrrell dardack at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 03:46:52 UTC 2007

On 1/8/07, Wade Berrier <wberrier at berrier.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm at a place that's using a 3250, but it doesn't have a firewire port,
> only usb.  Are there different versions of this box?  Any success
> changing channels over usb?
> Wade

If you have Road Runner Cable (don't know what other company uses this box)
you can request  one with a firewire port.  back when i had cable (had a
baby so cut back on a lot of non essential things) i had one without, heard
that you could get HD over the Firewire, called up and requested one with,
they shipped one to me, with a return postage for my old one.
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