[mythtv-users] ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner announced at CES

Allan Wilson allanwilson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 03:42:47 UTC 2007

I just got done reading this post off of dig:

It doesn't look like we will get to see this in Linux land anytime soon. I
love the part where the cable company will send someone out to your home to
finish installing the card and enter a magic code. It took 2 days and 8
cable tv engineers two days to get my firewire ports working for my market
and that was about one year ago. This will never work in this incarnation
but it is good to see that they are at least trying to do something. I still
don't think they are going to get their heads wrapped around the right way
to do this before to many people learn how is easy it is to bittorrent
stuff. As more people get PC's hooked up to their TV torrents will gain in
popularity. Any how I guess I'll get off my soapbox it is just ridicuoulus
that I pay so much for cable and still can't record the shows I watch. Maybe
there will be more original programming not just tech stuff like diggnation
so I can stop paying for TV altogether.

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