[mythtv-users] Gentoo, qt4 and mythtv

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Tue Jan 9 02:54:56 UTC 2007

Am I right in assuming this causes portage to build with preference  
of qt3 over qt4?

"build with qt4 only if qt3 is not an option for this package"?

I think building from the ebuild would be quite different from SVN -  
presumably the ebuild (and this is perhaps a function taken care of  
by portage itself, rather than the ebuild) would pass --build-with- 
qt3 and --dont-use-qt4 options to the `configure` stage of  
compilation. I'd imagine that one would have to set such options  
manually if manually undertaking `cd /path/to/source && .configure &&  
make && make install` (which is what I understand by "I build from  

You should take these comments with a pinch of salt, as I've never  
installed Myth. Yes, I am am on the right list - my MythTV system is  
in the pre-production stage.


On 8 Jan 2007, at 14:42, Jason Ramey wrote:

> I had the same problem. My resolution was to put "qt3 qt4" into my  
> make.conf. I build mythtv from the portage tree so I don't know if  
> that would affect the outcome.
> Jason Ramey
> Robin Gilks wrote:
>> Greetings
>> I build from SVN on a regular basis on my Gentoo based system. For  
>> some
>> unknown reason Gentoo has put qt4 into the stable tree and I've  
>> ended up
>> emerging it (although I can find nothing that uses it!!).
>> How do I prevent my Mythtv builds from trying to use qt4 (qt3 is  
>> still
>> installed)? Or how do I prevent it being emerged (other than  
>> masking it)?

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