[mythtv-users] Channel guide listings don't match channe, off by 2

s networks1 at cox.net
Mon Jan 8 19:17:36 UTC 2007

I'm having an odd problem and am not able to find much about it in the
archives or with Google.  I had originally scanned for my channels, but
since I didn't want to edit 100 channel names I deleted the channels in
mythtvsetup and the used the option to grab the channels from the listing
service (zap2it).  I am sure I have the right lineup, etc., set for that.


It granned the channels, but now the listings in the channel guide are off
by 2 channels, as if the channels have the wrong xmltv codes assigned to
them.  By this I mean the shows for channel 8 are shown on the line for
channel 6, etc.  The entries in mythtvsetup show the right channel numbers
for these entries.  So far I have tried re-reunning mythfilldatabase and
(based on a post I found) hiding the channels that didn't show up on the
original channel scan.  Neither effort helped.  


What to do?  Can I check the xmltv codes and manually edit if they are off?
Or if so would that just be rewritten wrongly on the next db update?






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