[mythtv-users] ATI HDTV wonder and sound problems with analog composite in

Ravikiran ravikiran at ownmail.net
Mon Jan 8 16:45:28 UTC 2007

I am using ATI HDTV wonder as the capture card for my FC6/Mythtv 0.20
box.  I am using the A/V composite in to feed audio video from my
comcast STB.  The card does capture video, but sound is missing.  The
box itself (Asus M2N PV-VM) has Nvida HD audio which shows up as card 0
(/dev/dsp) and the audio capture device on the tuner shows up as card 1
(/dev/dsp1).  I have setup myth to capture sound from /dev/dsp1 during
mythtvsetup.  I can see that cx88-alsa is loaded up, but I don't get no
sound :(.   Am I missing something? or is the card broken? or
unsupported for A/V capture?

  ravikiran at ownmail.net

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