[mythtv-users] tv_grab_es_alt problem

Jesus Gonzalez pakojones at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 15:30:37 UTC 2007

Oscar Curero escribió:
> Jesus Gonzalez vàreu escriure:
>> Oscar Curero escribió:
>>> Jesus Gonzalez vàreu escriure:
>>>> Oscar Curero escribió:
>>>>> Jesus Gonzalez vàreu escriure:
>>>>>> Hi!
>>>>>> I have a PVR350 and use tv_grab_es_alt to get the programs, the way I
>>>>>> do is mythfilldatabase --manual and it creates the new channels, then
>>>>>> I manually change the frequency of every one and it works fine.
>>>>>> Also I have a WinTv Nexus-s, I tried to do the same but I cannot
>>>>>> change the tunning data for satelital channels, then I tried another
>>>>>> option, scan the satellite channels, and then manually change on the
>>>>>> database the xmltvid of every channel, but it does not work.
>>>>>> Does anyone knows how can I use tv_grab_es_alt for satellite
>>>>>> channels?.
>>>>> Set two sources in mythtv-setup. I'm using tv_grav_es_alt and I have
>>>>> two sources, one for the analog channels and another for satellite
>>>>> channels. Keep in mind that long descriptions doesn't work (at least,
>>>>> isn't working in xmltv-0.5.44)
>>>> Hello Oscar,
>>>> I have two sources one for analogs and another for satellite, but it
>>>> does not work :-(
>>>> Could you tell me the way you have done it?
>>> Although I'm using tv_grab_es_alt for both analog and satellite channels,
>>> I'm only using the PVR-350 (tuner0 is the input for analog and svideo0 is
>>> the input for satellite). Nothing special, really.
>>> Which is the _exact_ problem or error?
>> The way I do is: after scanning dvb-s channels, I update manually the
>> xmltvid on the database with something like "CCanal-20Fox.laguiatv.com",
>> and then I run mythfilldatabase, but it doesn't create the programs for
>> this channel :-(
> Check if in mythtv-setup the channels look like in the attached screenshot 
> (the xmltvid is the same you posted).
> PD: the screenshot is only sent to your personal email.
Hi Oscar,

I think it works fine now, the only thing I had to do was uncheck "Usar 
guia de emision", and then mythfilldatabase fills the program table 
correctly :-)

Thanks for all.


P.D. As I see on the Linux Counter, you live in Santa Coloma de 
Gramanet, but to be respectful with the list I have continued writing in 
english ;-)

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