[mythtv-users] using an IR Blaster

R rawgarlic at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 12:36:28 UTC 2007

> Just a quick follow-up:
> Since you mention Comcast I assume you are in the USA and are using
> DataDirect, good, you should be OK. If the STB is a digital cable box
> you will have to make sure that whatever IR blaster approach you take
> knows what the codes are.
> I originally noticed your "gmail" address and I have learned that a
> lot of those are from non-US locations, but not, apparently, in your
> case.


I appreciate all the info.

Some details ...

I am running mythbackend version: 0.19.20060121-2

Yes, I am in Comcast land.  San Francisco, Bay Area.

My only PVR-350 is directly connected to a Comcast
coxial cable, no Comcast box.

Yes, I am using DataDirect and the Comcast channel
lineups work just fine.

I have an external satellite TV Set Top Box:
Coolsat Digital Satellite 5000 platinum
The svideo out from Coolsat goes to the svideo
on the PVR-350 and the audio to the Line-In.

(I know, I need another PVR card.)

Thanks for suggesting the MyBlaster device.
This confirms what I've read on gossamer-threads.
Do you have any preferences on the model:
I have serial and USB ports available.

I did not see any mention of Coolsat on mytvstore.com.

The Coolsat manual does have a listing of remote (hex) keys on page 36:
The manual for the model 5000 and 4000 is the same.

Any idea, how difficult it might be to make MyBlaster learn this?

I'll look into DataDirect to get channel lineups for Coolsat.

One of my main goals is the merge the Comcast and Coolsat
channels into a unified MythTV lineup.  You've done
just about the same thing.

So where/how exactly in Myth do you do the mapping of the
satellite channel numbers to your preferred MythTV
channel numbers?

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