[mythtv-users] Schedule recording on prefered channel

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Jan 8 08:31:02 UTC 2007

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> john doe wrote:
>> I am having a hard time scheduling a recording on my prefered channel.  I 
>> live in the middle of 2 broadcast areas, so I have the same shows at the 
>> same time on channels 2,3 and 4,5 and 7,8.  From the guide, I selected a 
>> show on channel 3, and said record any time on this channel.  When I save 
>> settings and go back out to the guide, it shows that it will record on both 
>> channel 2 and 3.  I only have one tuner card, so it records only on 2, which 
>> has the less quality signal.  I have tried every way I could think of to 
>> remove and replace the recording, is there a way that I can get it to record 
>> on channel 3 instead of channel 2.  This is with mythtv0.19.  Thanks
> I believe in the channel editor of mythtv-setup you can give channels 
> priorities so it will pick one over the other.  Because these share a 
> callsign, Myth currently treats them as pretty much identical.    If you 
> can't find it in mythtv-setup, check your channel table in the database 
> to see if there is a priority value you can change manually.

Good answer. However, in addition to setting the priorities
from the Channel Editor in mythtv-setup, in mythfrontend you
can go to TV Settings->Recording Peroirities->Set Channel
Recording Priorities. All the channels are on one screen and
you can change the value by simply pressing the right and left
arrow keys.

I would recommend that if two channels carry the same station,
you should lower the less preferred channel by one. So, leave
channel 3 at 0 and set channel 2 to -1. Before doing so, you
should read and understand this section in the HOWTO:


This should give you a better understanding of how this works
and why and may answer your next questions before finding that
you need to ask them =).

--  bjm

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