[mythtv-users] 3Ware RAID 5 backend

Ben Dash ben_dash at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 8 04:43:19 UTC 2007

--- Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net> wrote:
> Ben Dash wrote:
> > So does that mean that I could drive 4 750GB
> drives in
> > a RAID5, as long as I split them into 2 logical
> > arrays, one being used for TV recordings and the
> other
> > for the filesystem/music/DVDs (obviously
> partitioned
> > up into several partitions)?
> Not directly related to this hardware, but a RAID 5
> array requires a 
> minimum of 3 drives so you won't be able to make two
> arrays, unless I 
> misunderstand the question.

Let me clarify...

4 hard drives.  Each 750GB.  Since the 3Ware 7506 has
a 2TB limit on array size I was hoping that I would be
able to tell it to logically split my full RAID 5
capacity into 2 pseudo SCSI drives, each less than
2TB, however, I just finished reading that section of
the manual and it seems that it doesn't have this

So I think I'm limited to 3 x 750GB drives in RAID 5,
1.5TB usable capacity, potentially with a 4th drive as
hot swap, if I wanted it.

I guess that "Supporting up to 3.6TB of storage per
controller (dependent on drive capacity, 2TB per array
maximum.)" means that I could do 4 x 750GB drives
(3TB) in RAID 10 with 1.5TB usable capacity. Or, I
could do 4 x 750GB as 2 RAID 0 arrays with 3TB usable
capacity, if I wanted to live dangerously.  However, I
couldn't do 4 x 740GB in RAID 5 since that would be
2.25TB which would put me over the 2TB limit.

I could do 4 x 500GB in RAID 5, but that's still only
1.5TB of usable capacity plus I have a higher risk of
drive falure, since i have more drives, although 4 x
500GB is $300 cheaper than 3 x 750GB...

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