[mythtv-users] Stream mythtv remotely

Greg Stark gsstark at mit.edu
Sun Jan 7 20:42:15 UTC 2007

I've moved from Canada to Britain. My mythtv backend is still set up in Canada
though and I'm wondering if I can play it remotely from here.

Some experimentation shows my upstream from Canada is limited to about
700kbit/s though and most of my recordings are 6Mb/s mpeg2 files from the

I've tried to configure the transcoder profile to transcode to a lower bitrate
but I can't figure out how to convince mythtv to actually go ahead and do the

And is there any way I'm going to get livetv to work? To do so it would have
to transcode the PVR-350 output as it reads it and I don't see any option to
do that in mythtv.

When I use mencoder to reencode the files at 250kb/s they stream fine and they
look, well, pretty awful but still watchable. It's better than watching
gameshows all night which is all the tv here has. So I know it's technically
possible, but is there any way to configure mythtv to support this mode of


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