[mythtv-users] Best 1080i Playback Method?

Mike Rosack mrosack at sacknet.org
Sun Jan 7 18:04:08 UTC 2007

Hey Everyone,

I've been using Myth for about a month now and have been having trouble
finding a "perfect" mode for watching 1080i broadcasts.  I'm using the
newest "testing" ebuild in Gentoo.  The closest I've come is through
MPlayer, using:

mplayer -vo xvmc:bobdeint -vc ffmpeg12mc -fs -zoom -monitoraspect 16:9

This works great outputting to both 1080i and 720p, but I can't find an
equivalent in Myth, and obviously this won't work with live TV in Myth.
Running in 1080i with the standard decoder, no deinterlacing and no xvmc in
Myth gives me perfect video for about 10 seconds at a time, but then I get a
period of jumpy stuttering for a couple seconds, almost like the frames are
displaying out of order.  I don't think this is CPU-related, because I'm
constantly under 50%.   Maybe my refresh rate is out of sync?

Running with xvmc with or without bob deinterlacing increases my CPU usage
and gives me tearing problems in 720p and 1080i.  I can't get the tearing to
go away no matter how many different combinations of the OpenGL vsync and
nvidia-settings-rc vsync options I use.  I'm pretty sure xvmc is "working"
in Myth because I've got the greyscale OSD overlays.

The best compromise I've made is to do kernel deinterlacing without xvmc on
1080i material.  But this only looks good for film sources, live 60 fps
interlaced sources look pretty choppy.

So, basically, does anyone out there have a "perfect" (or even almost
perfect :) ) setup for watching 1080i that I haven't tried?  Is it possible
that I really don't have xvmc configured right in Myth even though I'm
seeing the greyscale OSD?


Mike Rosack
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