[mythtv-users] TFW, Error: Write -- IOBOUND

Kelly Reed Schuerman krschuerman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 17:58:10 UTC 2007

I just setup a new backend with a PVR-500 and when I am recording two
shows the CPU is nearly maxed out. The mythbackend log shows the error
"TFW, Error: Write -- IOBOUND". I've disabled all unnecessary services
and increased the ring buffer and neither helped.

Here's my specs:
P4 2.0Ghz
1GB PC3200
xubuntu 6.06
kernel: 2.6.15-27-686
ivtv: 0.4.9
mythtv 0.20-fixes svn compiled from source
All the recording profiles are defaults.
Recordings are saved to a dedicated 320GB SATA-150 drive with ext3 filesystem.

Can anybody give me some suggestions for resolving this issue?


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