[mythtv-users] VideoOutputXv: XvMCTex: Init failed

David Fishburn fishburn at ianywhere.com
Sun Jan 7 01:54:42 UTC 2007

Ubuntu Edgy
Myth 0.20 (packaged)
Kernel 2.6.18
(Built in Geforce 6150, Video Out, nForce 430 chipset)

I am only using Myth for SD.

In the frontend log I am getting this output:
2007-01-06 20:33:01.989 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
2007-01-06 20:33:02.094 VideoOutputXv: XvMCTex: Init failed
2007-01-06 20:33:02.096 VideoOutputXv: XVideo Adaptor Name: 'NV17 Video
X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8
  Major opcode:  141
  Minor opcode:  14
  Resource id:  0x1a6
2007-01-06 20:33:03.089 TV: Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
2007-01-06 20:33:03.112 Using realtime priority.
2007-01-06 20:33:03.210 Video timing method: USleep with busy wait

Since I am only using SD, I thought I would disable XvMC. 
In the frontend settings I changed Preferred MPEG2 Decoder setting to all of
the following:
Standard XvMC (previous setting)

When I restart the frontend and watch LiveTV, I still get these messages.
Is there a reason for this?  Should I be concerned about it?


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