[mythtv-users] Record past end

jmyers at huskywatch.com jmyers at huskywatch.com
Sat Jan 6 21:49:56 UTC 2007

This is with NO shows set to record after the show in question. And if I 
change the shows own recording options then it will just skip any show 
after it if there is one, which I don't want. I have three tuners in my 
backend, in the exmplae I use it was recording two programs and there 
wasn't another recording scheduled for several hours.


Jamie Myers

It said requires Windows XP or better........ So I installed Linux!

I'd love to change the world....... But they wont give me the source code!

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Re: [mythtv-users] Record past end

> Now I am finding the setting to record X secondas after a program is not 

> applying.... The start recording early setting is taking, and the 
> are starting 5 mins early as I have set, but they seem to ignore the 
> record past end setting. I have this set through the settings, not on 
> program.

The global setting will only add the minutes if it will not cause a 
conflict. If you have another show to be recorded on the same tuner 
after this show it will not add the extra minutes since it might prevent 
the 2nd show from recording. If you really want to do this then change 
the shows recordings options.
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