[mythtv-users] using Xming to remotely setup/configure MythTV

R rawgarlic at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 22:01:59 UTC 2007


> > VMWare Player might be an option.  I've never used it but if you can make a
> > Linux Virtual Machine on your XP host, that may work.


> I tried this the other day - did a frontend only install under VMWare on
> a Windows XP machine.  (P4 3GHz, 1Gig RAM) and it couldn't even manage
> SD.  Didn't try very hard though and would be interested in what kind of
> mileage others have had trying it.


Oookaay, this XP machine has only 512Mb RAM and a 2.66 GHz CPU.
It runs native versions of VLC, mplayer, etc just fine.
But I too am concerned that running VMWare is asking for too much.
(Its good enough to run the Live CD frontends.)

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