[mythtv-users] fios and qip-2500 STB

Lee Koloszyc teething12 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 5 16:12:32 UTC 2007

Nick Collier wrote:
> I recently had fios installed and my old cable box was replaced with a
> motorola qip-2500. It has a serial port on the back, but it seems like
> its disabled. So, I bought a serial irblaster. 
> thanks,
> Nick
I have the same box and am also using the serial blaster.  I had called 
Verizon but nobody seemed to know anything about enabling the serial port.
Anyways as for setup, I guess it depends on your distribution.  I use 
gentoo and followed the instructions here:
for setting up multiple devices.  So it may be similar.

As for the lircd.conf I used the same codes as the DCT2000  and they 
seem to work fine.


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