[mythtv-users] using Xming to remotely setup/configure MythTV

R rawgarlic at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 11:52:59 UTC 2007

Has anyone tried using Xming (on MS Windows) to
remotely setup/configure MythTV?

After reading the VNC posts in the last few days, I could use
VNC to do mythtv-setup but I am trying to tweak my mythtv
configuration further.

The big question - could I get the frontend running via
Xming to see what I just did with myth.

The big screen has non-myth devices hooked to the other video
inputs.  So I can get in the way when I am just experimenting
with myth and others are trying to watch the big screen.  I
don't have any more PCs to use as a temporary frontend.  But
there is a Windows XP nearby that could run Xming.  I have
tried running Live CD frontends but rebooting the PC every now
and then is no fun when I have to shutdown the spreadsheets,
emails ... and bring them back and repeat.

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