[mythtv-users] One step forward, two steps back.

Jon Bishop jon.the.wise at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 09:54:12 UTC 2007

On Jan 4, 2007, at 11:30 PM, clemens at dwf.com wrote:

> Earlier today I was feeling good about how MythTV was working, and  
> decided
> to try watching TV on a different machine from where the database  
> is stored.
> I was unable to compile mythtv on the 2nd machine, which SHOULD have
> everything on it that the mythtv box has, but I kept geting  
> compiler failures
> (assembler actually) saying that the pseudo-op .weakref was undefined.
> [[ ANYBODY know what that problem is??? ]]
> Not being able to solve that problem, I just tar'ed up the compile  
> from the
> mythtv machine, moved it to the 2nd machine, untared and did an  
> install.
> I actually started thinking about the box I would need in by the TV  
> set to
> perform the same task.
> But it was too good to be true.
> I adjusted a few parameters, like the background (Theme), and qt vs  
> openGL
> and everything STILL seemed to be working fine.
> Then magically, I started getting a quick popup of the Theme,  
> followed by
> a black screen on the 2nd machine.  Its still active, and if I hit  
> return,
> I get livetv, and I assume that if I were to move the invisible  
> cursor,
> I could get to anything else.
> I went back to the mythtv machine and reset the variables that I had
> changed, but no luck.  I still get a quick popup of the (empty)  
> background,
> followed by a black screen on the 2nd machine (everything is fine if I
> do it on the mythtv machine).
> Other than the thought that mythtv realized that I was finally making
> some progress, and is programmed to get me, any thoughts on the above?
> Ive rereinstalled mythtv on the 2nd machine, Ive blown away all the  
> info
> for mythtv in the mythtv (user) home directory, no luck.  Obviously
> something is being saved somewhere else.  Hope its not the database
> back on the mythtv machine.
> This is probably the point where I give up for a couple of months,
> but I would REALLY like to see it work.
> -- 
>                                         Reg.Clemens
>                                         reg at dwf.com

Settings for mythtv are saved in a database. Try changing the  
hostname on the second machine, that is how the database tracks the  
machine for mythtv. New hostname=new settings. There is also a /home/ 
user/.mythtv directory for each user, but you mentioned blowing that  

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