[mythtv-users] VNC

Davide Chiarini davide.chiarini at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 09:17:52 UTC 2007

2007/1/5, Ow Mun Heng <Ow.Mun.Heng at wdc.com>:
> I don't use Myth unfortunately. So I won't know the details. But running
> Xming on the windows box and getting the remote app to tunnel to the
> windows box should work. But your frame rates may suffer. (Putty CPU up
> 50%)


I use myth a lot this way (xming or cygwin/X on windows and ssh to main box).
But all you can do is browse menus, setting things up and schedule recordings.
When it gets down to playing recordings or live tv all you get is a
black screen (probably due to overlays not being transfered through
the X protocol).

Anyway, I wish somebody would prove me wrong on this.


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