[mythtv-users] lirc issues after vacation

Davey McWatters daveyiv at adelphia.net
Fri Jan 5 04:39:58 UTC 2007

devsk wrote:
> lircd exits if one connection fails due to failed ioctls on the device 
> (/var/log/messages will have a message to this effect). I went thru 
> this recently where lircd would start fine but would disappear after I 
> invoked 'irw', which will return with 'connection refused'. The reason 
> in my case was that the in-kernel driver (pvrusb2) didn't have the 
> support for lirc for the chip 24xx. I downloaded the tar and built the 
> driver myself, and it all started working.
> so, check to see if your driver for the IR device is working properly 
> and /dev/lirc/0 is getting created. See if you are using in-kernel 
> version now whereas you used the self-built latest module earlier.
> other possibility (in case you didn't upgrade kernel, change any 
> modules, or upgrade lirc) could be udev upgrade messed up something 
> and is no longer creating /dev/lirc/0.
> -devsk
How can I check to see if my driver for the IR device is working 
properly? If I try to go into /dev/lirc/ it says not a directory. How do 
I know if I am using the in-kernel version vs a compiled version? I 
downloaded the source for lirc and did the make install procedure again 
to no avail. The only thing I can think of that would have broken it was 
some updates I installed today, but I unchecked off of the ones dealing 
with kernel headers and stuff to try to avoid this issue...

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