[mythtv-users] Anyone getting good HD off a P4 3.2G or less without XVMC?

Nate Crosno ncrosno at ipass.com
Fri Jan 5 01:12:05 UTC 2007

Really? That's exciting news. Can you tell me more about all your
hardware and setting?  You have XVMC off?


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On 1/5/07, Nate Crosno <ncrosno at ipass.com> wrote: 

	That does help, and is encouraging. Thanks!  My specs are pretty
	except the PCI Video card and single IDE hard drive.  The MB is
	came in an HP dc5000mt. I have 1.7GB of DDR400 RAM, and am also
	Gentoo and using .20 ebuild of Myth.  I have tried several
variations in
	the compile, but currently have the following in "packages.use"
	media-tv/mythtv mysql lirc dvb video_cards_nvidia nvidia xvmc
	opengl opengl-vsync ivtv

I am using a Nvidia 5200 (PCI version) as my second front end for my 2nd
frontend.. HD works fine..... Even alot of disk activities doesn't seem
to slow it  down at all... 

Using Mandriva 2007 Free, some ancient 40GB HDD, and with 256MB of RAM.

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