[mythtv-users] Myth based Car Computer

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Jan 5 00:55:48 UTC 2007

Steven Adeff wrote:
> On 1/4/07, Jason Donahue <mythtv at timekiller.org> wrote:
>>> On 1/4/07, Jason Donahue <mythtv at timekiller.org> wrote:
>>>>> Jason:
>>>>> Very nice. I've tried MythTV on a touchscreen for in-home use (mostly
>>>>> music, weather and news). One thing I could not easily get around is
>>>>> issuing a "back" or "esc" to Myth to move out of some programs (e.g.,
>>>>> mythmusic). I finally had to activate the telnet control of Myth and
>>>>> create a small Kpanel applet that would allow me to issue an "esc" to
>>>>> myth via the telnet interface (this also means you have to run Myth in
>>>>> a window rather than full-screen). Have you come up with another
>>>>> means or do you simply use the keyboard?
> are the gestures defined in the theme or elsewhere? I also just
> thought, if there is no way to directly call a button in a theme, one
> could call a script to call a telnet command to Myth so that you could
> create navigation buttons in the theme. This would at least get things
> working, though for your CarPC I can see why gestures would be better
> than navigation buttons.
> I'll probably create a modified theme for my mom's touchscreen with
> navigation buttons since it will be a larger screen and she'll be
> close to it when using the touchscreen.
> anyone know of a list of touchscreen LCDs that work in linux?

Surely the commands/buttons on a screen are called directly (well... 
indirectly by about 2 levels being part of a method etc). But for our 
purposes they are near as dammit real buttons.

So a theme with soft buttons across the bottom could do the trick. That 
would steal screen space though.  However, on most screens we have way 
more screen space than the TV signal. Mythtv on my monitor has big black 
bands above and below the picture, which fills my TV screen. How about 
1) running myth in a window, with the TV and GUI sizes different, and 2) 
creating a screen bar which is a set of soft-buttons which are in 
effect, an extension of the theme and change capabilities with changes 
in the program. I don't know how a touchscreen connects to myth, but at 
the least, it can use the irxevent structure if not a telnet loopback, 
Harder will be extracting information from myth to have the bar change 

Interestingly, all of the software required to build the bar already 
exists in the myth code. Hmmm another project to while away the time in 
front of the TV...(I *never* just watch TV.)

What touchscreen was it and how did it connect to linux?


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