[mythtv-users] Unable to jump forward on dvd-iso

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 4 23:25:10 UTC 2007

I'm using the internal player for playing my dvd collection. It is not big, 
so i have ripped every dvd to a iso image so i have easy access to them all.
However, i do have a problem. Don't know if it is a bug or a limitation of 
the internal player.
I have setup MythTv to jump forward/backward 15 seconds when i press 
fwd/rew, and it works fine when watching recordings or livetv.
But if i try to jump forward when i watch a dvd-iso, the picture freeze and 
the sound starts to play fast forward. It is impossible to exit out if the 
internal player or do anything. I have to kill the frontend from ssh.

If someone knows what is wrong, or need more information to find the 
problem, feel free to ask me. Attatching a log from my frontend, maybe 
explains the problem?

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