[mythtv-users] New to Myth, comments/questions (Mac FE, distributed setup w/ servers and FE machines)

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 22:18:07 UTC 2007

> Also, the video quality seems to be a fair bit worse then the tivo.
> Right now I'm not doing an apples to apples comparison (since the Tivo
> source is a satellite box and the myth input is the pc3000).  But is
> that expected?  What kind of video quality should I expect with a mac
> mini doing output via s-video?  Will output via DVI be much better
> (for NTSC video)?

How are you capturing?  I pull in S-Video from my DSTB into a PVR-150,
capturing at 720x480 with an average bitrage of 4500 and a peak of 6000, and
it loooks as good as going straight into the TV (IMHO).

When I start to watch a show (ie select it from the recorded shows) I
> get about 10-15 sec of a black screen before the playback starts.  Is
> that normal?

On pre-recorded??  Wow, that seems very slow.  I see *maybe* 3-5 seconds.
I'd bet there's something wrong with your setup... maybe there's something
telling in the frontend or backend logs?

In general, does my plan (big server w/ 3 tuners, mac minis as FE
> machines, etc) seem like a realistic plan to get a nice easy to use
> home AV system?

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.  As you note, if you want HD, you'll
likely need more horsepower on the frontend, but since I'm only running SD,
I can't really help you there. :)

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