[mythtv-users] DVD burning, cutting commercials, etc.

MacNean Tyrrell dardack at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 18:11:03 UTC 2007

Ok so i've been outta the loop lately.  I had myth .18, but saw recently
that knoppmyth r5e50 had come out with .20, so i decided to try it.  Me and
the wife decided to jsut start fresh, we had shows like from 2 years ago we
hadn't gotten around to watching and just were like boom destroy it all
(good thing i guess because i lost the LVM tables when it did an install
(got the ln cd7 something disabling for 5 minutes, X wouldn't start, and the
forums said see wiki which said check over everything cause you must of done
something wrong but i did the same thing i've always done, so had to do auto
install, which off course messed up LVM so had to do --removemissing))
anyways, i see that MPEG2 commercial cutting is avaialable now, it wasn't
last i checked.  I have done some searching but can't find that definite
answer.  I want to create like my own season of shows DVD's.  I don't care
if the stations little icon is there, but the commercial flaggins is right
on lately, haven't had to edit or add to it once, so i saw that Autodetect
MPEG2 has lossless, what is the bitrate if i don't select lossless currently
i record in 720x480 5000 min 7500 max (or 8,000 can't remember right now)
with 2 pvr 250s and 1 pvr 500.  Which is better to record on for making
DVD's (pvr wise)?  what is better bitrate? as it is i think i might only get
2 hours per DVD, or 2.5.  Will the transcode look ok at a lower bitrate?
I've also never used myth's (or linux for that matter) dvd burning
cababilities, is it easy?  i saw that you can make menus and such, is there
a wiki or walkthrough for all this that i missed in my searching?

ps. sorry for the lengthy un discombobulated email.

MacNean C. Tyrrell
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