[mythtv-users] Myth based Car Computer

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 17:36:10 UTC 2007

On 1/4/07, George Galt <george.galt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Jason:
> Very nice.  I've tried MythTV on a touchscreen for in-home use (mostly
> music, weather and news).  One thing I could not easily get around is
> issuing a "back" or "esc" to Myth to move out of some programs (e.g.,
> mythmusic).  I finally had to activate the telnet control of Myth and
> create a small Kpanel applet that would allow me to issue an "esc" to
> myth via the telnet interface (this also means you have to run Myth in
> a window rather than full-screen).  Have you come up with another
> means or do you simply use the keyboard?
> George

I'm looking at doing this for my mom's new Kitchen(their in the middle
of remodeling). This way she could have her TV, Music, Recipes, etc on
one convenient screen. I was wondering what touch screen your using
and if you have any advice in this area? I'll be providing her a
remote control to use with the system as well as the ability to use
the touchscreen.

Is it possible to add a button to skins for "Esc"? If so, perhaps a
touchscreen skin needs to happen.

On 1/4/07, Jason Donahue <mythtv at timekiller.org> wrote:
> Dunno how many people will remember this, but a while back I posted my Linux
> CarPC. Well I have updated everything and I'm showing it off again:
> https://www.timekiller.org/carpc/index.php
> The touchscreen and opengl transitions are especially nice additions...
> Couldn't have done it without the great work done on Myth, thanks everybody!

wow, thats awesome! great work man!

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