[mythtv-users] IN72 + Nvidia component out 480p looks terrible 720p is great

Alan Marchiori alan at alanmarian.com
Thu Jan 4 14:45:57 UTC 2007

I picked up an Infocus IN72 projector over the holidays and am trying
to get it setup properly.  For now I am using the component out of a
GeForce 6100 card running the latest binary driver and it looks great
with everything setup for 720p output.  But this projector is only
480p (854x480 pixels), so I assumed running 480p output would be best.
 When set for 480p output  the picture is dull and has a blue tint.
Almost like a cable was loose, but it's not.  Switching back to 720p
makes everything look good again.  I have searched the archives and
haven't turned up anything like this, does anyone have any ideas?  I
watch mostly OTA HD and some channels are 1080i so I assume myth will
scale this to 720p then the projector scales to 480p this sounds bad,
I really want to just scale everything on myth down to the projector's
native 480p.  Does this make sense?  I could also try running myth at
1080i but then 720p will be scaled up to 1080i and then back down to
480p on the projector.  Again this doesn't sound ideal.


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