[mythtv-users] need vid card with s-video, pci-x16 that "just works"

Aaron Aguilar aaronaguilar at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 03:14:54 UTC 2007

I had my ATI x300 working just fine until I upgraded the driver and now it
doesn't support xv.  This renders my mythtv unwatchable.

I was thinking about getting an nvidia 6200tc card that's fanless, but I'm
not sure it is what I want?  Can anybody verify that this one works?  It
seems like I read that the S-Video out was a problem in linux?

I want the card to work with minimal tweaking as my Mythbox has just sat
here for months turned off because I'm frustrated with it.

Any help or suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.
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