[mythtv-users] B878, and C_MEDiA Audio, FC5. Still no-one has any idea??

Chris Anderson chrislight at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 01:29:17 UTC 2007

I have discovered that I re-installed my myth-box, to somewhat no-avail.

The card works. Its a c-media, CM8738
the capture card is Brooketree Bt878.

I have it all plugged in. I am getting audio through tv-time, but not
through mythtv. It doesn't even show up as having volume-bars.

I have the following again mon my audio screen..

Audioo Output; ALSA:defualt

Passthrough; default

Use internal volume controls,
Mixer Device; default
Mixer Controls; master (default didnt work)


Master (75%)
PCM (75%)
Aux 75

Line-in is muted

Is there a way to dump the database?
So that I can restart the myth-setupz?

This used to work in the old mythdora version. I am not sure what is
going wrong.

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