[mythtv-users] problem w/running 2 mythfrontend instances on 1 computer

Dave Alden alden at math.ohio-state.edu
Thu Jan 4 00:21:02 UTC 2007

  I'm having an odd problem with my installation of myth.  I've got 2 video
cards and I'm running 2 instances of mythfrontend on the same machine (each
pointing to a different $HOME, so they each have their own .lircrc file,
their own .mythtv directory and their own LocalHostName).  I've got 2
different remotes controlling the frontends, and most things seem to work.
The problem I'm running into is it seems that some the dialog boxes don't
work on the instance of mythfrontend that doesn't have the keyboard control.
I'm not sure if the box that pops up at the end of a show is a dialog box
or not, but I can control that one just fine -- but the one that pops up
if you right arrow on a recorded tv show is not controllable.  Help?

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