[mythtv-users] Can't set hue below 25% or above 75% with 'F'-key in live-tv

Jussi Hagström jabbathehut at eml.cc
Wed Jan 3 23:48:08 UTC 2007


I've a problem with MythTv / live tv; I can't set the hue amount to more 
than 75% or below 25%
with the 'F' - key. After the hue bar gets below/above these values the 
whole picture gets all messed
up and blurry.

Has anyone noticed similar effects? I tried searching the bugtracker, 
but couldn't find anything related.

I'm trying to fix the ATI Xv / blue faces problem, but not being able to 
try all the hue values doesn't help
at all. I have the latest Ubuntu and its' MythTV packages installed.


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