[mythtv-users] Watch Recordings interface

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Jan 3 23:02:35 UTC 2007

Rich West wrote:
> I know this is going to sound strange, but how hard would it be to
> modify the "Watch Recordings" page to behave in a way similar to a

Generally, we are, each in our own way, striving for the best
possible DVR. While the commercial systems are known, it is
a much better goal to find better ways to do things that to
be relegated to mere imitation. MythTV has many features that
go beyond anything you will see in any consumer product within
the next several years.

> What she was asking for was really two different things:
> Is is possible to have the list on the left of all of the recordings
> (the show name) be scroll-able with the item at the top of the list
> being the first one highlighted?

Yes, you can use the Home and End keys. These 'view keys' are
bound to "PREVVIEW" and "NEXTVIEW". If you are using a remote,
you may want to bind these as these are useful in several
contexts especially on pages that have different views of
sort order or list filtering.

When you press "NEXTVIEW" the next title down on the left is
selected and the right is highlighted with the focus on the top
item on the right which is a list for that title.

Titles are not the only things that may appear in the left
column. In 0.20 there are settings in the Playback section
to include recgroups or the shows' category. In SVN and 0.21
there are more choices and the ability to change the set on
the fly without having to go back the the TV Settings pages.

In SVN the "M"enu popup has a "Change Group View" options that
brings up another popup to choose what to include in the left.

X Show Titles
X Show Categories
X Show Recording Groups
X Show Watch List
X Show Searches

The first three are self explanatory. Show Searches groups things
that came from the same search rule where the titles don't match.
For example, a keyword search for "Lance Armstrong" may have
recorded three different shows where he was interviewed. There
are groups together as "(Lance Armstrong)" even though the titles
in the list may be Overhaulin', Oprah, The Daily Show or whatever.

Show Watch List is,... um... here's some help text:

    "The 'Watch List' is an abbreviated list of recordings
     sorted to highlight series and shows that need attention
     in order to keep up to date."

This list points out shows where you've fallen behind and there
are more episodes coming up soon. It serves to suggest things
that you've been putting off or have forgotten about.

For me, I don't bother with Titles or Categories and only
check the last three. I use the Home and End keys to switch
between the All Programs, Watch List and the individual
Recording Group views.

--  bjm

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